Martial Arts And Self-Defense

Personal safety at home and when you’re out is very important. Self-defense classes are usually offered at local YMCAs, gyms and community centers and tips for how to stay safe at home can be found on many home security websites.

Martial arts can be used for intentions other than just fighting or self-defense. For instance, one application of martial arts is used for medicinal practices, such as bone setting, joint manipulation and traditional Indian medicine. Other applications involve religion, spirituality, breathing and relaxation techniques and even philosophy.

There isn’t just one specific martial arts style that can be applied to self-defense and personal safety, since they contain different facets of protecting one’s self. Any style of martial arts can be used in self-defense, but remember, there is a key difference between self-defense and fighting. Self-defense is categorized as using physical means to get away from immediate danger or anything that could cause harm to your person.

So how exactly can you use martial arts to defend yourself? Every martial arts style is valuable, and there is no one style that is better or more effective than the other, it really just depends on the situation you find yourself in and how quickly you’re able to react. While most styles of martial arts are practiced specifically for self-defense and contain self-defense techniques, they still differ on the intention. Is it to escape from an attacker or to attack? The best and most effective way to learn practical defense methods is to learn a combination of techniques, and to find training that is customized to your age group, gender and physical and mental capabilities.

Ancient Warriors: Competing In An Ancient Martial Arts Tournament

Prepare for an ancient martial arts tournament by getting plenty of sleep the night before. Practice your forms the morning of the tournament. You should preregister for your competition a few weeks ahead of schedule. You will need lots of energy at the tournament so bring healthy snacks and bottled water. Competitions are the best way to improve your martial arts skills. It takes experience and practice at competing to understand what the judges want to [Read more →]

Five Basic Martial Arts Move That You Should Learn

Basic martial arts moves are simple to learn and can help men and woman protect themselves in potentially life-threatening circumstances. Learn about five easy martial arts techniques that everyone should know.

Attacking pressure points can quickly end combative situations. A forceful, direct hit to the nose, collarbone or eyes will temporarily disable an attacker, providing the victim with the opportunity to escape.

A driving palm strike to the outside of the knee will prohibit an assailant from [Read more →]

What Are The Different Rankings Of A Martial Artist?

In many forms of martial arts, there is a belt system that tells other people the level of training and mastery a practitioner has achieved. You’ll typically find that the brighter colors such as blue and white signify novice students, while darker colors such as brown and black are worn by the most disciplined and accomplished students. As a black belt progresses even further in their art, they often receive extra gold stripes or gold embroidery on [Read more →]

Benefits Of Getting Your Children Involved In Martial Arts

When you are considering what activities your child should be participating in, there are a number of compelling reasons to take your child to a martial arts school and to see how they like it.

Far from teaching children to be aggressive, martial arts foster control and deliberation. They are taught about appropriate action, and they are told that there is a right and a wrong place to use the skills that they are learning.

Essentially, martial arts teaches your child to have [Read more →]

The Top 5 Martial Arts Movies Of All-Time

Nothing brings the action like a good martial arts film. Here are the top 5 martial arts movies of all-time

5. Enter the Dragon
This legendary movie elevated Bruce Lee to worldwide fame. In the movie, Michigan Home Security, Lee goes undercover to spy on a brutal crime lord. He competes in a martial arts tournament while he is there.

4. Drunken Master
Jackie Chan stars in this classic motion picture. A young man must learn a special style of Kung Fu in effort to stop a trained killer. Action movie enthusiasts will love this movie.

3. Fearless
This film is based on the life of Chinese Martial Arts Master Huo Yuanjia. “Fearless” will take you on a journey that chronicles the life of a true legend. The movie teaches numerous life lessons that will leave an imprint on your mind.

4. Kung Fu Hustle
This movie tells the story of how a group of people can band together to defend their turf. Several tributes to Bruce Lee can be noticed through the film.

5. The Chinese Connection
This timeless movie is a story of determination and revenge. Bruce Lee delivers a stunning performance that will have the audience mesmerized.